LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2G: Using the Phone’s Calendar and Tools 93
2. Use your keypad and navigation key to enter the bill
amount and desired tip percentage. (The correcttip will
be calculated instantly.)
3. If you’re splitting the check, highlight Splitand enter the
number of people in your party. (An equal split of the bill
will be calculated and displayed.)
Using the Calculator
Your phone comes with a built-in calculator.
To use the calculator:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > Calculator.
2. Enter numbers using your keypad.
Press to enter decimal points.
Press to change the numeric value from positive
to negative.
Press Clear(left softkey) to clear all numbers.
3. Press for the total.
World Clock
To view the time in over 50 different locations:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > World Clock.
2. Press Cities (rightsoftkey) to selecta city.
– or –
Press the navigation key left or right to scroll through
different time zones.
Calendar & Tools
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