LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2J: Using Bluetooth 125
Bluetooth Settings
1. SelectMenu > Bluetooth > Settings > On/Off.
The On/Off setting in the Bluetooth Settings menu
enables or disables the Bluetooth function on the
2. SelectMenu > Bluetooth > Settings > DUN Service >
Enabledor Disabled.
This Bluetooth Settings menu option enables or disables
Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking.
3. SelectMenu > Bluetooth > Settings > Visibility >Hidden,
Visible for 3 Min, or Always Visible.
This Bluetooth Setting menu option allows other
Bluetooth devices to search for your phone.
4. SelectMenu > Bluetooth > Settings > Bluetooth Info.
This Bluetooth Settings menu options displays
information aboutyour phone's Bluetooth
configuration, and it allows you to change your phone's
Bluetooth device name that is displayed on other
Using the Bluetooth transfer audio function during a call
1. Check that a Bluetooth headset is connected to your
2. During the call, transfer the phone's sound outputfrom
the phone to the headset (select Transfer to BT); or from
the headset to the phone (select Transfer to Phone).
Using Bluetooth
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