LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

22 Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics
Making and Answering Calls
Making Calls
Placing a call from your phone is as easy as making a call from
any landline phone. Just enter the number and press , and
you’re on your way to clear calls.
To make a call using your keypad:
1. Make sure your phone is on.
2. Enter a phone number from standby mode. (If you make
a mistake while dialing, press to erase one digit at
a time. Press and hold to erase the entire number.)
3. Press . (To make a call when you are roaming and
Call Guard is enabled, highlightRoam Call and press .
See “Using Call Guard”on page 68.)
4. Press or close the phone when you are finished.
Tip: To redial your last outgoing call, press TALK twice.
Tip: When making calls off the available network, always dial using 11 digits
(1 + area code + phone number).
You can also place calls from your phone by using Speed
Dialing numbers from your Contacts (page 83), and using your
Call History listings (page 73).
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