LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 3A: Service Features – The Basics 135
Continue Recording
When leaving a voice message, you can choose to continue
recording even after you’ve stopped.
Before pressing to indicate that you are satisfied
with the message you recorded, press to continue
Extended Absence Greeting
When your phone is turned off or you are off the available
network for an extended period, this greeting can be played
instead of your normal personal greeting.
1. From the main voicemail menu, press for Personal
2. Press for Greetings.
3. Press to record an Extended Absence Greeting.
Clearing the Message Icon
Your phone may temporarily continue to display the message
icon after you have checked your voice and textmessages.
To clear the icon from the display screen:
1. SelectMenu > Messaging > Voicemail > Clear Icon.
2. SelectClear All or Clear Icon and press .
Service Features
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