LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

42 Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings
Silence All
There may be times when you need to silence your phone
entirely. The phone’s Silence All option allows you to mute all
sounds without turning your phone off.
To activate Silence All:
With the phone open, press and hold the volume key down
in standby mode. (The screen will display “Silence All.”)
To deactivate Silence All:
Press the volume key up repeatedly to select a desired
volume level.
Display Settings
Changing the Text Greeting
The text greeting can be up to 16 characters and is displayed
on your phone’s screen in standby mode. You may choose to
keep the phone’s defaultgreeting, or you may enter your own
custom greeting.
To display or change your greeting:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Display > Greeting > Custom.
2. Use the numeric keypad to enter a new custom greeting.
(See “Entering Text”.) (To erase the existing greeting one
character at a time, press . To erase the entire
greeting, press and hold .)
3. Press to save your new greeting.
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