LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

150 Section 3B: Data Services
Navigating the Web
Navigating through menus and Web sites during a
Data Services session is easy once you’ve learned
a few basics. Here are some tips for getting around:
During a Data Services session, the bottom line of your
phone’s display contains one or more softkeys. These keys are
shortcutcontrols for navigating around the Web, and they
correspond to the softkey buttons directly below the phone’s
display screen.
Tip: Depending on which Web sites you visit, the labels on the softkeys may
change to indicate their function.
To use softkeys:
Press the desired softkey button. (If an additional
pop-up menu appears when you press the softkey
button, select the menu items using your keypad [if
they’re numbered] or by highlighting the option and
pressing .)
As with other parts of your phone’s menu, you’ll have to scroll
up and down to see everything on some Web sites.
To scroll line by line through Web sites:
Press the navigation key up and down.
To scroll page by page through Web sites:
Press the volume buttons on the side of the phone.
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