LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

16 Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics
Turning Your Phone On and Off
Turning Your Phone On
To turn your phone on:
Press and hold for approximately two seconds.
Once your phone is on, it may display “Searching for Service,”
which indicates that your phone is searching for a signal.
When your phone finds a signal, it automatically enters
standby mode – the phone’s idle state. Atthis point, you are
ready to begin making and receiving calls.
If your phone is unable to find a signal after 15 minutes of
searching, a Power Save feature is automatically activated.
When a signal is found, your phone automatically returns to
standby mode.
In Power Save mode, your phone searches for a signal
periodically without your intervention. You can also initiate a
search for service by pressing any key (when your phone is
turned on).
Tip: The Power Save feature helps to conserve your battery power when you
are in an area where there is no signal.
Turning Your Phone Off
To turn your phone off:
Press and hold for two seconds until you see the
powering-down animation on the display screen.
Your screen remains blank while your phone is off (unless the
battery is charging).
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