LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings 47
Location Settings
Your phone is equipped with a Location feature for use in
connection with location-based services that may be available
in the future.
The Location feature allows the network to detect your
position. Turning Location off will hide your location from
everyone except 911.
Note: Even if the Location feature is enabled, no service may use your
location without your express permission, unless the service called cannot
identify the caller.
To enable your phone’s Location feature:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Location. (The Location
disclaimer is displayed.)
2. Read the disclaimer and press .
3. SelectOn or Off and press .
When the Location feature is on, your phone’s standby screen
will display the icon. When Location is turned off, the
icon will be displayed.
Your Phone’s Settings
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