LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

30 Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics
Dialing and Saving Phone Numbers
With Pauses
You can dial or save phone numbers with pauses for use with
automated systems, such as voicemail or credit card billing
There are two types of pauses available on your phone:
Hard pause sends the next set of numbers when you press
2-sec pause automatically sends the next set of numbers
after two seconds.
Note:You can have multiple pauses in a phone number and combine
two-second and hard pauses.
To dial or save phone numbers with pauses:
1. Enter the phone number.
2. Scroll to either Hard pause or 2-sec pause and
press . (Hard pauses are displayed as a “P”and
2-sec pause as a “T”.)
3. Enter additional numbers.
4. Press to dial the number.
– or –
To save the number in your Contacts list, highlight Save
and press .
Note:When dialing a number with a hard pause, press OK to send the next
set of numbers.
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