LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2I: Using Your Phone’s Built-in Camera 101
Camera Mode Options
When the phone is open and in camera mode, press Options
(right softkey) to display additional camera options:
Flashto activate the flash. (See “Setting the Flash”for
Self Timer to activate the camera’s timer.
Color TonePress the navigation key right or leftto select
Normal, Black & White, Negative, or Sepia. (The default
setting is Normal.)
Image Controlsto select from the following options:
Brightnessto select Autoor Manualbrightness
control. If you selectManual, press the navigation
key right(increase) or left (decrease) to select a
setting, and press to apply the selected setting.
White Balance to adjustwhite balance based on
changing conditions. Select from Auto, Tungsten,
Fluorescent,Sunny, or Cloudy.
Settingsto select Resolution, Quality, Shutter Sound, or Full
Screen. (See “Selecting Camera Settings”for details.)
Review/Send Media to display the pictures saved in the In
Phone folder and/or to send the picture.
Camcorder Modeto switch to Video mode. (See “Recording
Videos” for details.)
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