LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

68 Section 2D: Controlling Your Roaming Experience
Automaticseeks network service. When network
service unavailable, the phone searches for an
alternate system.
Home Only
allows you to access the available
network only and prevents roaming on other
Roaming Only forces the phone to seek a roaming
system. The previous setting (Home Only or
Automatic) is restored the next time the phone is
turned on.
Using Call Guard
Your phone has two ways of alerting you when you are
roaming off the available network: the onscreen roaming icon
and Call Guard. Call Guard makes it easy to manage your
roaming charges by requiring an extra step before you can
place or answer a roaming call. (This additional step is not
required when you make or receive calls while on the available
To turn Call Guard on or off:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Roaming > Call Guard.
2. HighlightOnor Offand press .
Note: Voice dialing and speed dialing are not available when you are
roaming with Call Guard enabled.
To place roaming calls with Call Guard on:
1. From standby mode, dial 1 + area code + the seven-digit
number and press . (You can also initiate a call from
the Contacts, Call History, or Messaging.)
2. SelectRoam Call.
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