LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

36 Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics
Entering Characters by Tapping the Keypad
To enter characters by tapping the keypad:
1. Selectthe Abcmode. (See “Selecting a Character Input
2. Press the corresponding keys repeatedly until the desired
letter appears. (For example, to enter the word “Bill,”
press twice, three times, three times, and
three times again.) (If you make a mistake, press
to erase a single character. Press and hold to
delete an entire entry.)
By default, the first letter of an entry is capitalized and the
following letters are lowercased. After a character is entered,
the cursor automatically advances to the next space after two
seconds or when you enter a character on a different key.
Characters scroll in the following order:
. , @ 1' ? ! * # /
A B C 2
D E F 3
G H I 4
J K L 5
M N O 6
P Q R S 7
T U V 8
W X Y Z 9
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