LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

96 Section 2H: Using Your Phone’s Voice Services
2. Scroll to the voice memo you wish to hear and
press .
Playto play the selected voice memo.
SetAs to assign the recording as a default ringer, a
voicemail alert, a message alert, or a Contacts ringer.
View Details to view the selected voice memo
EditTitleto editthe selected voice memo title.
Deleteto erase the selected voice memo.
3. Scroll to Play and press .
Erasing Voice Memos
To erase all voice memos:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > Voice Memo.
2. Scroll to <Delete All> and press .
3. Scroll to Yesand press to confirm that you want to erase
all voice memos.
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
To access Voice Command by pressing the Voice Services Key ( ):
1. Press the leftside key( ).
2. After hearing the message “Please say the contact
name”or a beep, say the name of a Contacts listentry.
3. If the correct name is displayed, select to confirm
the call.
4. If the Contact is notlisted, repeat steps 1 and 2.
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