LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

34 Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics
Entering Characters Using T9 Text Input
T9 Text Input lets you enter textin your phone by pressing
keys just once per letter. (To selectthe T9 Wordmode when
entering text, see “Selecting a Character Input Mode”.)
T9 Text Input analyzes the letters you enter using an intuitive
word database and creates a suitable word. (The word may
change as you type.)
To enter a word using T9 Text Input:
1. Selectthe T9 Wordcharacter inputmode. (See “Selecting
a Character Input Mode”.)
2. Press the corresponding keys once per letter to enter
a word. (For example, to enter the word “Bill,”press
.) (If you make a mistake, press to
erase a single character. Press and hold to delete an
entire entry.)
If the word you want is notdisplayed after you have entered
all the letters, press to scroll through additional word
selections. To accept a word and inserta space, press .
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