LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2C: Setting Your Phone’s Security 57
Accessing the Security Menu
All of your phone’s security settings are available through the
Security menu. You mustenter your lock code to view the
Security menu.
To access the Security menu:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Security.
2. Enter your lock code to display the Security menu.
Tip: If you can’t recall your lock code, try using the last four digits of your
wireless phone number or try 0000. If neither of these works, call your
service provider.
Using Your Phone’s Lock Feature
Locking Your Phone
When your phone is locked, you can only receive incoming
calls or make calls to 911, or special numbers.
To lock your phone:
From the Security menu, select Lock Phone > Lock Now.
(To set your phone to lock the nexttime it is turned on,
selectOn Power Up.)
Unlocking Your Phone
To unlock your phone:
1. From standby mode, press Unlock(rightsoftkey).
2. Enter your lock code.
Your Phone’s Security
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