LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 3B: Data Services 149
Data Services Connection Status and Indicators
Your phone’s display lets you know the current status of your
Data Services connection through indicators which appear at
the top of the screen. The following symbols are used:
Your Data Services connection is active (data is being
transferred); the transmit/receive symbol will blink to
indicate data transmission. Incoming voice calls go
directly to voicemail; outgoing voice calls can be made,
but the Data Services connection will terminate.
Your Data Services connection is dormant. (No data is
being sent or received.) Though not currently active,
when dormant the phone can restart an active
connection quickly; voice calls can be made and received.
Your phone is not currently able to access Data Services
If no indicator appears, your phone does not have a current
Data Services connection. To launch a connection, see
“Launching a Data Services Connection”.
Data Services
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