LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

26 Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics
Calling Emergency Numbers
You can place calls to 911 (dial ), even if your
phone is locked or your account is restricted.
Note: When you place an emergency call, your phone automatically enters
Emergency mode.
During the call, press the desired menu list to display among
menu lists. To select menu, highlight itand press .
Muteor Unmuteto mute your microphone, or to unmute
the microphone if it was muted earlier.
Speaker On or Speaker Off to route the phone's audio
through the speaker or through the earpiece.
SelectSpeaker On to route the phone’s audio
through the speaker. (You can adjust the speaker
volume using the volume keys on the side of the
SelectSpeaker Offto use the phone’s earpiece.
3-Way Call to setup a three-way conversation.
To exitEmergency mode:
1. Press to end a 911 call.
2. Press Exit (rightsoftkey).
Note: When you are in Emergency mode, you can exit only from the
options menu.
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