LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

132 Section 3A: Service Features – The Basics
Voicemail Button Guide
Here’s a quick guide to your keypad functions while listening
to voicemail messages. For further details and menu options,
see “Voicemail Menu Key”.
Date/Time Send Reply Advance
Replay Rewind Forward
Erase Call Back Save
Cancel Help Skip
Voicemail Options
Your phone offers several options for organizing and
accessing your voicemail.
Using Expert Mode
Using the Expert Mode setting for your personal voicemail
box helps you navigate through the voicemail system more
quickly by shortening the voice prompts you hear at each
To turn Expert Mode on or off:
1. Press and hold to access your voicemail. (If your
voicemail box contains any new or saved messages,
press to access the main voicemail menu.)
2. Press to change your Personal Options, following
the system prompts.
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