LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings 45
Changing the Phone’s Menu Style
Your phone allows you to choose how the menu appears on
your display screen.
To select the display’s menu style:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Display > Menu Styles.
2. SelectGrid to view each main menu item as an animated
single-screen icon or Listto view the main menu as a list,
and press .
Changing the Clock Display
Choose whether you wantyour phone’s clock to be displayed
in analog mode, digital mode, or with time and date.
To change the clock’s appearance on the standby screen:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Display > Clock & Calendar.
2. SelectNormal Clock, Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Dual
Clock,or Calendar.
3. Press to apply the clock display setting.
Changing the Text InputFont
This setting allows you to adjustthe display appearance when
entering text (for example, when using the notepad or when
adding a Contacts entry).
To change the text inputfont:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Display > FontSize.
2. SelectMessage, Browser, or Notepad.
3. Select a desired size and press .
Your Phone’s Settings
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