LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

158 Section 3B: Data Services
To open the browser menu:
Press the right softkey. (The browser menu will be
displayed in a drop-down list.)
Options available under the browser menu include:
Home.Returns the browser to the Data Services
home page.
Forward. Returns you to a previously viewed page (after
having used the
Mark this Page. Allows you to bookmark the current site.
View Bookmarks. Allows you to access bookmarked sites
and manage your bookmarks.
Search.Launches a Google search.
Send page to.... Allows you to send the current page as a
Go to URL....Allows you to navigate directly to a Web site
by entering its URL (Web site address).
History.Keeps a list of links to your mostrecently visited
sites. To navigate to a site, highlightit and press , and
then select Connect.
Refresh this page. Reloads the current Web page.
More....Displays additional options:
Show URL.Displays the URL(Web site address) of the
site you're currently viewing.
RestartBrowser.Restarts the current browser
AboutBrowser. Displays technical information
about the browser, its version, and the encryption
version, and provides links to Certificate Information
for the various components.
Preferences. Displays additional options:
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