LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

116 Section 2I: Using Your Phone’s Built-in Camera
CopyThis to copy the selected picture to the
CopyAll to copy all pictures in the currentalbum
to the target album.
MoveThisto move the selected picture to the
MoveAllto move all pictures in the current album
to the target album.
Details/Editto display the following options:
Text Caption to edit the the selected picture's
caption. You can create a new caption of up to 16
PictureInfo to display information such as the
picture's caption, time/date, and size.
Rotateto rotate the selected picture.
AlbumListto display the My Albums list.
Media Filter to display the following options:
All to display all media.
PicturesOnly to display only pictures.
VideosOnly to display only videos.
For videos:
Playto play the selected video.
Sendto send the selected video.
ScreenSaverto use the video as a screen saver.
Ringersto assign the video to a ringer.
DeleteSelectionto delete the selected video.
DeleteAllto delete all videos.
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