LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

118 Section 2I: Using Your Phone’s Built-in Camera
To access your online Albums options from your phone:
1. Display the album list in the Online picture messaging
menu. (See “Managing Online Pictures and Videos From
Your Phone”.)
2. Use your navigation key to select an album (or Inbox).
3. SelectOptions(right softkey) to display options.
4. To select an option, highlight itand press .
Share Album to share the album through the
picture messaging Web site. (See “Sending Online
picture messaging ”.)
Create Album to create a new album. Enter a new
album name and select Save(leftsoftkey).
Erase Album to delete the selected album.
Rename Album to rename the selected album. Enter a
new name and select Save(leftsoftkey).
Note: The Inbox cannot be erased or renamed.
Nextto display the next 20 albums (if applicable).
Previousto display the previous 20 albums (if
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