LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

90 Section 2G: Using the Phone’s Calendar and Tools
Note: If the day for which you are erasing events contains a repeating event,
you will receive the following prompt: “This is a recurring event. <event
name>.”Select Delete this to erase a single occurrence, Delete all to erase all
occurrences of the event, or Cancelto cancel the deletion of the repeating
Purging Events
To delete events scheduled before a specific time and date:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > Scheduler > Options > Delete Old.
2. Select the option to erase events older than One week,
One month, One year, or One day. (A dialog will be
displayed to inform you how many old events have been
Purging All Events
To delete all scheduled events:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > Scheduler > Options > Delete All. (A
dialog will be displayed informing you how many events
will be erased.)
2. SelectYes to erase all events or No to return to the
calendar view.
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