LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 3B: Data Services 159
Edit homepage URL. Lets you edit the home page
Revert to default homepage URL.Lets you change to
default home page.
FontSize. Lets you adjust the font size.
Color. Lets you change browser color.
Show Images. Lets you view a page's image(s).
Cookies.Lets you delete “cookies”stored in browser
Title Tag.Allows you to display a site's title
Send Referrer.Allows you to turn send referrer on or
Launch Page. Lets you view a recently visited page.
Creating a Bookmark
Bookmarks allow you to store the addresses of your favorite
Web sites for easy access at a later time.
To create a bookmark:
1. Go to the Web page you want to mark.
2. Press the right softkey to open the browser menu.
3. SelectMark this Page and press Save(leftsoftkey) to save
the bookmark.
Note: Bookmarking a page does not store the page's contents, just its
address. Some pages cannot be bookmarked. Whether a particular Web
page may be marked is controlled by its creator.
Data Services
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