Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

• Manage SIM card messages
: allows you to manage the
messages that you have stored on your SIM card.
• Message center
: allows you to enter the number of your
message center where your messages reside while the system
is attempting to deliver them.
• Input mode
: allows you to set the input mode for your text
messages. Choose between GSM Alphabet, Unicode, or
: allows the message system to retrieve
messages automatically.
•Creation mode
: allows you to select the creation mode, Free,
Restricted, or Warning.
: you can only create and submit messages with
content belonging to the Core MM Content Domain.
: the phone will warn you via pop up messages that
you are creating a multimedia message which does not fit the
Core MM Content Domain.
: you may add any content to the message.
• Push messages
: allows you to receive push messages from
the network.
• CB activation
: allows you to receive Cell Broadcast (CB)
• Channel configuration
: allows you to set up the channel that
you will receive CB messages on.
• Language
: allows you to select all of the languages that you
want to receive CB messages in.
• Notifications
: allows you to see message notifications on your
status bar.
• Select ringtone
: allows you to set the ringtone for your
message notifications.
• Emergency alerts
: allows you to receive wireless emergency
alerts from the Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS).
For more information, refer to
“Emergency Alerts”
on page
Emergency Alerts
This device is designed to receive wireless emergency alerts
from the Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) which
may also be known as the Personal Localized Alerting
Network (PLAN). If your wireless provider has chosen to
participate in CMAS/PLAN, alerts are available while in the
provider's coverage area. If you travel outside your provider's