Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

6. Press
Your location is displayed on the map, accurate to 30
Sharing your Location with Friends
1. From the Latitude map screen, tap to display your
Latitude friends. At first, only your name is displayed.
2. Press
Add friends
3. Tap
Select from Contacts
Add via email address
4. Tap a contact or enter an email address and tap
5. At the
Send sharing requests
prompt, tap
Your friend will receive an email or text message with
your location marked on a map. They will also receive
instructions on how to view your location from the web
or use Latitude on their phone provided it is available.
Once they acknowledge your request, their location will
display on your phone. They can share their location
from their computer or phone. For more information, go
To view the map, press
Map view
Press for additional options.
Live TV
Live TV is a subscription service that allows you to watch
your favorite TV shows using your handset. For more
information, refer to “Live TV” on page 77.
Depending on your location, you can view basic, custom, and
satellite maps and local business information, including
locations, contact information, and driving directions. You
can also post public messages about a location and track
your friends.
Before using Google Maps you must have an active
data connection. The Maps application does not
cover every country or city.
Enabling a Location Source
Before you use Google Maps and find your location or search
for places of interest, you must enable a location source. To
enable the location source you must enable the wireless
network, or enable the GPS satellites.
From the Home screen, tap
Location and security
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