Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Editing a Playlist
Besides adding and removing music files in a playlist, you
can also rename the playlist.
To edit a playlist:
Music Player
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Tap the
Edit title
.3. Press
4. Tap a playlist name to edit.
5. Enter a new name for the playlist then tap
For information on downloading music for your phone, see
“Memo” on page 156.
Play Music
With Google Play Music, you can play music that you have
added to your music file as well as any music you copied
from your PC. While offline, you can listen to music you have
copied from your PC.
1. From the Home screen, tap
Play Music
2. At the Welcome screen, tap
3. At the
Select an account
screen, tap an account that
you would like to link to Google Play Music or tap
4. At the
Get free music
screen, tap
Get free songs
5. Follow the on-screen instructions for getting your free
All music on your device and external SD card is
displayed including Music folders that may contain
multiple songs.
6. Tap a song to start playback.
7. From the main Play Music screen, you can tap any of
the following tabs for a more detailed listing of songs:
Recent, Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists, and Genres.
8. Tap for the following options:
•Shuffle all
: allows you to play all of your music in a shuffled
• Make available offline
: allows you play your music without
being online or connected to the network.
• Offline music only
: only allows you to play music offline.
• Settings
: allows you to view Open source licenses and the
music version for the Play Music application.
: allows you to view a help file on the Google Support