Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Display options
: You can choose to only display contacts that
have phone numbers, sort by first or last name, display contacts
by first name first or last name first, display contacts stored on
your phone, and/or display contacts stored to other accounts.
Tap a selection and tap Done.
: allows you to choose where to save your new
contacts, display or edit your service numbers, or send contact
information by Bluetooth.
Options at Selected Contact Screen
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Touch and hold a contact.
– or –
Tap a contact and at the contact’s display screen, press
3. The following options display depending on whether
your contact is saved to your phone or your SIM card:
: allows you to edit the selected contact’s information.
: allows you to delete the contact from your Address
•Join contact
: allows you to join contacts with other contacts
(only displays when contact is saved to SIM).
• Mark as default
: allows you to mark a contact as the default to
use in messaging applications.
• Send contact information
: allows you to send a contacts
information in a message.
• Add to favorites
: allows you to add the contact to your
favorites list.
•Add to group
: allows you to add the contact to a pre-defined
group such as Family, Friends, or Work. see
“Adding an
Entry to a Group”
on page 69
• Add to/Remove from reject list
: allows you to add this contact
to your reject list. If they call, the call will be sent directly to
Voicemail. If the contact has already been added to your reject
list, this option will allow you to remove the contact from your
reject list.
• Send namecard via
: allows you to send the contact’s
information via Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messaging, or Wi-Fi
•Print namecard
: allows you to print the contact’s namecard to
a Samsung printer using Wi-Fi.