Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Remain on the mobile device for as long as the emergency
responder instructs you.
Maps, directions, and other navigation-data, including data
relating to your current location, may contain inaccurate or
incomplete data, and circumstances can and do change over
time. In some areas, complete information may not be
Therefore, you should always visually confirm that
the navigational instructions are consistent with what you see
before following them. All users should pay attention to road
conditions, closures, traffic, and all other factors that may
impact safe driving or walking. Always obey posted road signs.
Emergency Calls
This mobile device, like any wireless mobile device, operates
using radio signals, wireless and landline networks, as well
as user-programmed functions, which cannot guarantee
connection in all conditions, areas, or circumstances.
Therefore, you should never rely solely on any wireless
mobile device for essential communications (medical
emergencies, for example). Before traveling in remote or
underdeveloped areas, plan an alternate method of
contacting emergency services personnel. Remember, to
make or receive any calls, the mobile device must be
switched on and in a service area with adequate signal
Emergency calls may not be possible on all wireless mobile
device networks or when certain network services and/or
mobile device features are in use. Check with local service
To make an emergency call:
1. If the phone is not on, switch it on.
. The dialer is
2. From the Home screen, tap
3. Key in the emergency number for your present location
(for example, 911 or other official emergency number).
Emergency numbers vary by location.
4. Tap the
If certain features are in use (call blocking, for example), you
may first need to deactivate those features before you can
make an emergency call. Consult your User Manual and your
local cellular service provider. When making an emergency
call, remember to give all the necessary information as
accurately as possible. Remember that your mobile device
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