Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Voice Search
: allows you to share your recording using Bluetooth,
Email, Gmail, Messaging, or Wi-Fi Direct.
: allows you to delete 1 or more voice recordings. Tap
the recordings to delete and tap
: allows you to rename your recordings.
: the following settings are available:
: allows you to choose where your recordings will be
saved. Select between Phone or memory card.
Default name
: allows you to choose the name prefix for your
recordings. For example, if your Default name is Voice, your
recordings would be named Voice 001, Voice 002, Voice 003,
Recording quality
: allows you to set the recording quality to
High or Normal.
Limit for MMS
: allows you to select On or Off. If you Limit for
MMS by selecting On, you will be assured that the recording can
be sent in a message.
Voice Search
The Voice Search feature is a voice-activated application that
allows you to tell the phone what to search for and then the
phone activates a Google search based on what you said.
1. From the Home screen, tap
– or –
From the main Home screen, tap
on the right side
of the Google Search bar.
2. The
Speak Now
screen will display. Speak clearly into
the microphone.
3. The
screen will display as it searches for you.
4. Results will display on the screen. Tap a link to view
the information.
– or –
No matches found
screen will display if Voice
Search was not able to find a match. Tap
Speak again
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