Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

5. Select a contact to assign to the number. The selected
contact number will display in the speed dial number
1. At the incoming call screen:
Touch and drag
in any direction to answer the call.
Touch and drag
in any direction to reject the call and
send it to your voicemail.
6. To remove a speed dial number or change the order,
Change order
Touch and drag the
Reject call with message
tab upward and
tap a predefined text message to send to the caller.
7. To make a call using Speed Dial, tap
and from the Dialer, touch and hold the speed dial
I am driving
I am at the cinema
Making a Call from the Address Book
I am in class now
You can store phone numbers that you use regularly on the
SIM card or in the phone’s memory. These entries are
collectively called the Address Book.
I am in meeting
Sorry, I am busy. Call back later.
– or –
For further details about the Address Book feature, see
“Finding an Address Book Entry” on page 63.
Create new message
to compose a new message.
Answering a Call
When a call is received the phone rings and displays the
caller’s phone number, or name if stored in the Address