Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Tap Logs .
A list of recent calls is displayed.
3. Tap the desired Contact to enter the
page, then
to make a call.
Making a Call Using Speed Dial
You can assign a short cut number to a phone number in your
Contacts List for speed dialing.
From the main Home screen, tap to display your
Contacts List.
2. Press
Speed dial settings
3. The
Speed dial settings
screen displays showing the
numbers 1 through 9. The number 1 is reserved for
You can create pauses longer than three seconds by
entering multiple
3 sec pauses.
4. Select
Ad d wait
to add a wait. A wait will pause the
calling sequence until yo u enter a number or press a
5. Tap
to make the call.
For more info rmation, refer to “Adding Pauses to Contact
Numbers” on page 62.
Correcting an Entered Number
Use the followi ng steps to correct a mis-typed entry when
After en tering a number using the keypad:
If you ma ke a mistake, tap
to erase a single character.
Press a nd hold
to erase the entire string of numbers.
Ending a Call
Tap the key.
Dialing a Recent Number
All incoming, outgoing and missed calls are recorded in the
Call log. If the number or caller is listed in your Address
Book, the associated name also displayed.
4. Tap an unused number and the
Call Functions 41