Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Select time zone
: allows you to set the time zone to which
event times and dates will be locked.
Set alerts and notifications
: allows you to turn on audio
alerts, set Status bar notification, or turn alerts off.
: allows you to set the Event notification tone to vibrate
Always, Only in Silent mode, or Never.
Select ringtone
: allows you to set the ringtone for the Event
notification tone.
Calendar sync
: allows you to sync your calendar with other
accounts such as email or social accounts.
Event List
The Event List displays all events that you have added for all
dates in the order that they appear.
1. From the Calendar, tap the
2. Tap any event to display it.
3. Press
to display the following options:
: allows you the change the Event name, date, time,
location, participants, alarm, alarm details, and description. Tap
: allows you to delete any event. Tap
at the prompt.
•Send via
: allows you to send event information via Bluetooth,
Email, Messaging, or Wi-Fi Direct.
Use your 3.2 megapixel camera feature to produce photos in a
JPEG format. Your phone also functions as a Camcorder to take
videos. For more information, refer to “Camera” on page 80.
The Clock application allows you to access alarms, view the
World Clock, set a stopwatch, and use a timer.
This feature allows you to set an alarm to ring at a specific
1. From the Home screen, tap
Create alarm
. The following options display:
: tap the (
or (
to set the new time for the event, at
which time an alarm will sound.
•Alarm repeat
: use this option to set the repeating status for the
alarm by tapping one of the following options:
sets the alarm to sound once every week on the
day and time that is set.
sets the alarm to sound all seven days of the week.