Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Call Log
Viewing Missed Calls from the Lock Screen
The phone stores the numbers of the calls you’ve dialed,
received, or missed in the Call log. The Call log displays the
details of the call.
The number of calls you have missed is displayed on the
Lock screen.
1. Tap the missed call icon with the number of missed
calls on it and move it in any direction.
1. From the Home screen, tap .
2. Tap Logs .
A list of recent calls is displayed. If the number or caller
is listed in your Address Book, the associated name is
3. Swipe a call number to the right to make a call or to the
left to send a message.
All calls made, received, and missed are listed. Types of calls
are identified by the following icons:
Incoming Calls
If there is a voicemail sent by the same number,
associated icons are displayed and can then be
Outgoing Calls
Missed Calls
Rejected Calls
2. The Call log is displayed. Missed calls are identified by
icon next to the number
Auto Rejected Calls