Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Voice Search
: The Voice Search feature is a voice-
activated application that allows you to tell the phone
what to search for and then the phone activates a
Google search based on what you said. For more
information, refer to “Voice Search” on page 165.
: YouTube is a video sharing website on which
users can upload and share videos, and view them in
MPEG-4 format. For more information, refer to
“YouTube” on page 166.
: The YP (Yellowpages) application provides
quick and ready access to businesses, map locations,
and storage of your favorite searches. This application
allows you to tap into local businesses, locations, and
events, connecting you to your search in real-time. For
more information, refer to “YPmobile” on page 166.
To open applications quickly, add the icons of frequently-
used applications to the Home screen or to the folders you
created. For details, see “Customizing Your Home Screen”
on page 31.
Google Search Bar
The Google Search Bar provides you an on-screen Internet
search engine powered by Google™.
1. From the main home screen, tap the Google Search bar
2. Use the on-screen keypad to enter the item you want
Tap to use Google Voice Search. For more
information, refer to “Voice Search” on page 165.
Menu Navigation
You can tailor the phone’s range of functions to fit your needs
using both menus and widgets. Menus, sub-menus, and
features can be accessed by scrolling through the available
on-screen menus. Your phone originally has seven home
Command Keys
Menu Key
to display a context-sensitive menu of
options for the current screen or feature.
Understanding Your Phone 27