Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Home Screen Overview
Navigating T hrough the Home Screens
Your phone initi ally has seven home screens. If you like, you
can place differ ent applications on each of the home
The main home screen is the starting point for many
application s and functions, and it allows you to add items
like applica tion icons, shortcuts, folders, or Google widgets
to give yo u instant access to information and applications.
This is the defa ult page and accessible from any menu by
From the main Home screen, sweep the screen with
your finger either left or right. The main Home Screen
is located in the middle with three other Home screens
on each side.
Navigating Through the Application Menus
Your phone initially has three Application Menus available.
Follow these steps to navigate through the Application
1. At the Home screen, tap . The first Application
Menu will be displayed.
2. Sweep the screen left or right to access the other
3. Tap one of the application icons.
derstanding Your Phone