Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

: this folder displays all of the files that you have on
your memory card.
• bluetooth
: this folder stores files sent via a Bluetooth device.
Different folders may appear depending on how your
phone is configured.
Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system
with voice guidance. You can type or speak your destination.
For voice-guided navigation, you need to install text-to-
speech support from the Android Market.
To receive better GPS signals, avoid using your device in the
following conditions:
inside a building or between buildings
in a tunnel or underground passage
in poor weather
around high-voltage or electromagnetic fields
in a vehicle with tinted windows
Launching Navigation
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Read the Navigation information page and tap
to continue or
Don’t Accept
to exit.
Choose Destination
screen displays.
3. Select one of the following options:
• Speak Destination
: allows you to speak your destination.
• Type Destination
: allows you to use the keypad to enter your
: displays a list of all of your contacts that have
addresses listed.
• Starred Places
: allows you to keep a list of favorite
destinations, locations, restaurants, etc. Just tap a starred item
to get directions.
• Recent Destinations
: allows you to access information on
previous destinations you have used. This option only appears
after you have entered one or more destinations.
4. Press for additional options.