Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

As you place the shortcut into the Trash, both items
turn red.
This action does not delete the shortcut, it just removes
it from the current screen.
Adding and Removing Primary Shortcuts
You can change any of your primary shortcuts with the
exception of the
2. Tap
to display your current applications.
1. Press
to activate the main Home screen.
3. Press and tap
4. If the
Reorganize icons
screen is displayed, tap
The view type must be set to
customizable grid
5. Scroll through the list and locate your desired
6. Touch and hold the on-screen icon, then drag it over
the primary shortcut that you want to replace. The new
primary shortcut then appears at the bottom of the
screen. The old primary shortcut will return to the
application menu.
7. Press
and tap
8. Press to return to the Home screen.
The new primary shortcut will now appear on all Home
When a primary shortcut is removed, it will then appear
as an option in the Application menu.
Adding and Removing Widgets
Widgets are self-contained applications that reside in either
your Applications tab or on the main or extended Home
screens. Unlike a shortcut, the Widget appears as an on-
screen applica tion.
Adding a Wi dget
1. Press to activate the Home screen.
2. Navigate to the desired Home Page.
3. Touch and hold on an empty area of the screen.
4. From the
Add to Home
window, tap
5. Scroll through the available Widgets at the bottom of
the screen, then tap it to place it on your current