Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Viewing a Gmail Message
1. From the Gmail Inbox, tap a message to view it.
2. the following options are available:
: archives the selected Email.
: deletes the Email.
: displays the next Email in your inbox.
: displays the previous Email in your inbox.
3. Press to select one of the following additional
• Change labels
: changes the label on the email or
• Mark unread
: unread messages or threads with unread
messages display in boldface text in the Inbox.
•Go to inbox
: returns you to your Gmail Inbox.
: mutes the conversation (Email thread).
• Add/Remove star
: click a message's star to add or remove
the star (just like clicking flags in Outlook).
Add/Remove star
: adds a star to the gmail so you can easily
find it later.
Report spam
: reports the Email message as spam.
: displays Email settings that you can modify.
: displays the webpage so you can search the
for help.
Select text
: allows you to copy text to your clipboard.
Google Talk
Google Talk is a free Windows and web-based application for
instant messaging offered by Google. Conversation logs are
automatically saved to a Chats area in your Gmail account.
This allows you to search a chat log and store them in your
Gmail accounts.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Press
to set up a Google account or to Sign in.
3. Tap
to create a new Google account.
– or –
Sign in
if you have an existing Google account.
4. After entering your user name and password, press the
Navigation key.
5. Tap
Sign in
6. Begin using Google Talk.