Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Display Settings
In this menu, you can change various settings for the display
such as the font, wallpaper, clock position, brightness,
orientation, animation, screen timeout, and touch key light
From the Home screen, tap
The following options display:
• Screen display
: allows you to set the Font style, the home
screen and lock screen wallpapers, and the clock position for
the lock screen.
: configures the LCD Brightness levels. Move the
slider to the desired brightness and tap OK.
• Auto-rotate screen
: allows you to switch the display
orientation automatically when you rotate the phone.
: determines whether some or all of the window
elements animate. Selections are: No animation, Some
animations, and All animations.
• Screen timeout
: adjusts the delay time before the screen
automatically turns off. Selections are: 15 seconds, 30
seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 10 minutes.
• Touch key light duration
: allows you to set the time that the
touch keys located on the bottom of your phone are lit.
Power Saving Mode
Power Saving Mode allows you to manage your phone to
conserve power.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Tap
Custom power saving
to set your phone into Power
Saving Mode and allow you to customize your Power
Saving settings.
3. Tap
Custom power saving settings
to access the
following settings:
• Power saving on at
: allows you to set the battery power level
when Power saving mode will be enabled.
•Turn off Wi-Fi
: automatically turns off Wi-Fi when you are not
connected with Mobile AP.
• Turn off Bluetooth
: automatically turns off Bluetooth when it is
not in use.
•Turn off GPS
: automatically turns off GPS when it is not in use.
• Turn off Sync
: automatically turns off Sync when the phone is
not synchronizing with the server.
Changing Your Settings 115