Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Model number
: displays the phone’s model number.
to return to the Setting s
Android version
: d isplays the android version loaded on this
1. From the Home screen, tap
• Battery usage
: displays the applications or services (in
percentages) that are using battery power.
• Legal information
: This option displays information about
Open source licenses as well as Google legal information. This
information clearly provides copyright and distribution legal
information and facts as well as Google Terms of Service,
Terms of Service for Android-powered Phones, and much more
pertinent information as a reference. Read the information and
terms, then press
• Baseband version
: displays the baseband version loaded on
this handset.
• Kernel version
: displays the kernel version loaded on this
• Build number
: displays the software, build number.
Baseband, kernal and build numbers are usually used
for updates to the handset or support. For additional
information please contact your AT&T service
AT&T Software Update
The AT&T Software Update feature enables you to use your
phone to connect to the network and upload any new phone
software directly to your phone. The phone automatically
updates with the latest available software when you access
this option.
software update
2. Tap
Check for updates
3. At the
AT&T software update
prompt, tap
4. The phone automatically updates the software (if
available), otherwise, when the
Current software is up
to date
prompt is displayed, tap
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