Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

time. Samsung expressly disclaims any responsibility or
liability for any interruption or suspension of any third party
content or service.
In addition, Samsung is neither responsible nor liable for
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Subscription Information
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Samsung assumes no responsibility for the payment of any
such charges.
The Service may be network dependent - contact your
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prior notification.
Samsung does not represent or warrant that the Service, or
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Dealings with Others
You may interact with other users on or through the Service.
You agree that any such interactions do not involve Samsung
and are solely between you and the other user(s).
Intellectual Property
The Service and related software are protected under
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copyrights are claimed by Samsung.
Subject to the Terms, Samsung retains all right, title and
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software and other properties provided to you or used by you
through the Service.
Personal Data
The Social Hub Privacy Policy and the following additional
provisions govern the use of your personal information. When
you access the Service, Samsung may ask for or otherwise
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