Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

1. From the Home webpage, tap
Most visited
Most visited
A list of your most visited webpages is displayed with
Name and URL address. The webpages that have been
visited the most will appear at the top.
2. Tap any entry to display the webpage.
Browser Settings
To make adjustments in your browser settings, follow these
1. Tap
2. The following options are available:
•Default zoom
: Adjusts the zoom feature. Set to Far, Medium,
or Close.
• Open pages in overview
: Shows an overview of newly opened
web pages.
• Text encoding
: Adjusts the current text encoding.
• Block pop-up windows
: Prevents popup advertisement or
windows from appearing onscreen. Remove the checkmark to
disable this function.
•Load images
: Allows web page images to be loaded along
with the other text components of a loaded website.
• Auto-fit pages
: Allows web pages to be resized to fit as much
of the screen as possible.
• Landscape view only
: Displays the browser in only the
horizontal position.
• Enable JavaScript
: Enables javascript for the current Web
page. Without this feature, some pages may not display
properly. Remove the checkmark to disable this function.
• Enable plug-ins
: Allows the download of plug-ins such as
Adobe Flash.
• Open in background
: New pages are launched in a separate
page and displayed behind the current one. Remove the
checkmark to disable this function.
• Set home page
: Sets the current home page for the Web
•Default storage
: Allows you to set your default storage to
Phone or Memory Card.
• Clear cache
: Deletes all currently cached data. Tap
complete the process.
•Clear history
: Clears the browser navigation history. Tap
complete the process.
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