Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Camera Options
Options are represented by icons across both sides of the
The options disappear after a few seconds. Tap the
screen to make them reappear.
Camera / Camcorder Mode
: allows you to take a photo
in various modes. Once you change the mode, the
corresponding indicator appears at the top left of the
display. Choose from Camera or Camcorder.
Shooting mode
: allows you to set the shooting mode.
Options are:
Single shot
: takes a single photo and view it before
returning to the shooting mode.
Smile shot
: the camera focuses on the face of your
subject. Once the camera detects the person’s
smile, it takes the picture.
: takes a succession of consecutive
photos by pressing and holding the Camera key.
: takes a landscape photo by taking an
initial photo and then adding additional images to
itself. The guide box lets you view the area where
the second part of the panoramic picture should
fall within.
Scene mode
: allows you to set the Scene to help take the
best pictures possible. Options include None,
Landscape, Night, Sports, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow,
Sunset, Dawn, Fall color, Firework, Candlelight, and
Exposure value
: allows you to adjust the brightness
level by moving the slider across the page.
: allows you to customize your camera
Tap the tab for the following options:
: allows you to set a timer for how long to
wait before taking a picture. Options include: Off,
2 sec, 5 sec, and 10 sec.