Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

at the bottom of the screen. The following
screen displays:
2. Tap
1. In the text portion of the message screen, begin typing
a word. A list of word options is displayed. Tap one of
the words to replace the word that has already been
typed or scroll the line of words to the left for more
word choices.
3. Tap the desired number, symbol, or emoticon
4. Tap the
button to access additional symbols.
2. Continue typing your message. Tap
to send the
message or press
for more options.
5. Tap to return to Abc mode.
For more
Show Suggestions
information, refer to “Creating and Sending Messages”
By using the Show Suggestions option, you can have next-
letter prediction and regional error correction, which
compensates for pressing the wrong keys on the QWERTY
on page 91.
You can also use the Show Suggestions option in the
portrait orientation.
Entering Text 57