Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Add shortcut to Home
: allows you to set your homepage as a
shortcut on your display.
Find on page
: allows you to search in the current page.
Page info
: displays information about the selected page.
Share page
: allows you to share the page using Gmail or as a
: displays the download history.
: allows you to modify your web settings. For more
information, refer to
“Browser Settings”
on page 137.
: allows you to print the screen or web page on a Samsung
printer using Wi-Fi.
Enter a URL
You can access a website quickly by entering the URL.
Websites are optimized for viewing on your phone.
To enter a URL and go to a particular website, follow these
1. Tap the URL field at the top of your screen
2. Enter the URL using the on-screen keypad.
The website displays.
Search the Internet
To perform an internet search using keywords, follow these
1. From the Google homepage, tap the
Web Search
2. Enter the keyword(s) to search using the on-screen
keypad and tap
– or –
and select a topic to search for.
3. A list of search results displays.
4. Tap a link to view the website.
Adding and Deleting Windows
You can have up to eight Internet windows open at one time.
To add a new window, follow these steps:
New window
A new browser window is opened.
1. From your browser, press
2. Press
to see a list of all open
3. Tap a window listing to open up that Internet window.
4. Tap
at the top right corner of the web page
thumbnail to delete the window.