Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

during a call to activate a Bluetooth headset. A
green line will appear under the Headset button.
again to de-activate the Bluetooth headset. The
green line will turn grey when the Headset is not activated.
Press for more options:
: allows you to go to your Contact list.
: allows you to jot down a memo during a call.
Noise suppression on/off
: allows you to turn on the Noise
Suppression feature when you are in a noisy area. Turn it Off
when not needed to conserve battery power.
Placing a Call on Hold
You can place the current call on hold at any point during a
conversation. You can also make another call while you have
a call in progress if your network supports this service.
1. While on a call, tap Hold
. This action places the
current caller on hold (which is displayed on-screen as
greyed-out box).
2. You can later reactivate this call by tapping Unhold.
To make a new call while you have a call in progress
1. Tap Hold .
2. Tap
Add call
to display the dialer.
3. Enter the new number and tap
Once connected, the active call will appear in a large
box in the middle of your screen and the call on hold
will appear in a small box in the upper right corner of
your screen.
Switching Between Calls
When you have an active call and a call on hold, you may
switch between the two calls, changing the one on hold to
active and placing the other on hold.
1. Tap Swap.
The current call (caller #2) is placed on hold and the
previous call on hold (caller #1) is then reactivated so
that you can continue conversing with that person. The
active call will appear in a green box.
2. Tap to end the currently active call.
To end a specific call
1. Tap
until the call you want to end appears in a
green box.
to end the specific call. 2. Tap
3. Tap to end the remaining call.