Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Using Bookmarks
While navigating a website, you can bookmark a site to
quickly and easily access it at a future time. The URLs
(website addresses) of the bookmarked sites are displayed in
the Bookmarks page. From the Bookmarks page you can
also view your Most visited websites and view your History.
The Bookmarks page is displayed.
From the Home webpa
ge, tap
2. Press
to display the following options:
• Add bookmark
: Creates a new bookmark for the last webpage
that you viewed.
• List/Thumbnail view
: You can select
Thumbnail view
(default) to see a thumbnail of the webpage with the name
listed, or you can select
List view
to see a list of the bookmarks
with Name and URL listed.
•Create folder
: Creates a new bookmark folder.
• Change order
: Allows you to move pages around on the
Bookmarks page. Touch and hold a bookmark icon, then move
it to the desired location.
• Move to folder
: Allows you to move a page to a folder.
: Allows you to delete one or all of your bookmarks.
3. Tap a bookmark to view the webpage, or touch and
hold a bookmark for the following options:
: Opens the webpage of the selected bookmark.
• Open in new window
: Opens the webpage in a new window.
• Edit bookmark
: Allows you to edit the name or URL of the
bookmark. For more information, refer to
on page 136.
• Add shortcut to Home
: Adds a shortcut to the bookmarked
webpage to your phone’s Home screen.
•Share link
: Allows you to share a URL address via AT&T Social
Net, Bluetooth, Email, Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Messaging,
Social Hub, or Wi-Fi Direct.
•Copy link URL
: Allows you to copy the URL address to use in a
• Delete bookmark
: Allows you to delete a bookmark. For more
information, refer to
“Deleting Bookmarks”
on page 136.
• Set as homepage
: Sets the bookmark to your new homepage.
Adding Bookmarks
1. From any webpage, tap
Add bookmark
2. Use the on-screen keypad to enter the name of the
bookmark and the URL.
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