Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

• Postal address
: adds a field used to assign a physical
postal addr ess for this entry.
Adding Pauses to Contact Numbers
When you call automated systems, you are often required to
enter a password or account number. Instead of manually
entering the numbers each time, you can store the numbers
in your Contacts along with special characters called pauses
and waits. A pause will stop the calling sequence for two
seconds and a wait will pause the calling sequence until you
enter a number or press a key.
12. Tap any of the following fields that you want to add to
your new contact:
: assign the contact to Starred in Android, Co-workers,
Family, Friends , or My contacts.
: add s a field used to assign a message tone that will
sound when m essages are received from this contact. Choose
between Default ring tone, Select sound from My files, or Phone
• Organizatio n
: adds an organization field for this entry.
: Tap
to add the following fields:
: adds a field that allows you to jot down notes.
: adds a field that can be used to enter a nickname
for the entry. The Nickname is not displayed when calls are
made to or received from the contact.
: adds a field for the contact’s Web site URL.
: adds a field for the contact’s birthday.
: adds a field for the contact’s anniversary.
13. Tap
to save the new contact.
By default, your contacts are automatically saved to your
phone. To change where your contacts are saved to,
from the main Contacts screen, press
Settings Save new contacts to. Select
Always ask
, or
To add a pause or a wait to a Contact:
1. From the Home screen, tap
, and then tap
the name or number to open the Contact.
2. Tap
3. Tap the phone number field.
4. Tap the screen at the position where the pause or wait
needs to be added.
5. Tap
# (