Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Joining Contacts
Joining Contact Information
Many people now maintain multiple email accounts, social
networking logins, and other similar account information. For
example, a Facebook account login name might differ from a
corporate email account login because they are maintained
separately and for different groups of people.
This device can synchronize with multiple accounts such as
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Corporate email, and Google.
When you synchronize your phone with these accounts, each
account creates a separate contact entry in the Contacts list.
If one of your contacts (Amy Smith, for example) has a
regular email account that you maintain in Gmail, but also
has a Facebook account under her maiden and married
name, as well as a Yahoo! chat account, when you merge
these accounts into your Contacts list you can join all of her
entries and view the information in one record.
The next time you synchronize your phone with your
accounts, any updates that contacts make to email account
names, email addresses, etc. automatically update in your
contacts list.
For more information about synchronizing accounts, see
“Synchronizing Accounts” on page 66.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Tap a contact name (the name you want to join to
another entry).
: typically this is the same contact
with a different name or account information.
The contact list is displayed.
3. Press
Join contact
4. Tap the second contact entry (the entry in which to
join). The second contact is now
joined with the first
and the account information is merged into one screen.
The information is still maintained in both entries, but
displays in one record for easier viewing when you join
the contacts.
5. Tap the
joined contacts
bar to view the contact
information you joined. The contacts and information
displays with an icon next to the contact name to
indicate what type of account information is contained
in the entry.
Contacts and Your Address Book 65